About Josh

Dive into the cinematic soul sounds of singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Jacobson. A native of Ithaca, NY, Josh grew up in a musical family and started learning piano and other instruments at a young age, gaining much of his perspective from the classical and jazz traditions before discovering an additional world of inspiration in soul, R&B, and dance music.

With a voice described by Nest HQ as “Justin Timberlake-meets-The Weeknd” and a cinematic yet minimalist production style, Josh is crafting his own sound and building a story that continues to evolve with each new release. His records bring together musical elements from different worlds in a unique way, never shying away from the challenge of standing apart from the crowd as an individual artist.

Josh recently released a debut EP ‘First Light’ on his own Joshua Tree Records and is headed out on his first national headline tour in early 2018.


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