Pianist, singer and composer Josh Jacobson grew up as part of a musical family in Ithaca, NY. Josh began playing piano when he was five, developing deep roots in classical and jazz before moving on to explore modern soul, pop & film music.

As a solo artist, Josh’s independent releases have earned worldwide attention and support from major tastemakers, racking up well over 5M Spotify streams and radio play on stations including KCRW and London’s Rinse FM. He's contributed production, writing, and keyboards to recent releases by artists including Sophie Marks, Raelee Nikole, Brodie and many more. Follow Future Soul for a weekly sampling of Josh's favorite music from his community in LA, London and beyond.

Josh's debut album OCEANS is coming out this October, and the advance singles have landed in playlists like New Music Friday UK and Pickup Music Weekly.

Josh is also touring often as a keys player, performing with artists like Delacey, Kyle Dion, and Corey Harper. Recently launched ambient piano project Treman has picked up momentum on Spotify with a series of meditative EP's and singles, and Josh will be launching a new beats-oriented side project soon as well.


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