Hi, I’m Josh.

I compose music and tell stories with harmony, melody, and sound design.

Recent Projects


Devil Doesn't Bargain - Acoustic

Piano version of a song by Alec Benjamin


I grew up in Ithaca, NY as part of a musical family, starting piano lessons at five and learning several instruments before moving into composition and electronic production. I'm now based in Los Angeles, but the sound and where I grew up, the quiet forests, serene gorges and lakes, still resonate distinctly through all of my music.

My favorite color is blue. I love being outside and can usually be found skiing, surfing, or hugging a tree somewhere when I'm not in the studio.

As a composer and producer, I endeavor to bring an intuitive feel and thoughtful minimalism to everything I create. Collaboration always comes first, and I tend to take on a slightly different role in every project based on what's needed. If you have a film, production or recording project coming up and think my music could be a good fit, I'd love to hear from you.